Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Oxfordshire Sky

Another of my views fro Wittenham Clumps in Oxfordshire here looking over the Oxfordshire countryside

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


Wittenham Clumps

I have teased you with a couple of photos from this local beauty spot in South Oxfordshire so this week I will show a few of the Views from Wittenham Clumps

A view of Castle hill you see from Round hill

And this is the top of Round Hill

Castle hill gets hits name as it was an Iron Age Hill Fort and on the left you ca see part of the defensive ditch that surrounded it

Here you can see what the ditch looks like from the bottom

The steps give an indication of how steep it is. Back in Iron Age times it would have been deeper

From The Clumps you can see various villages from around the are and above is Dorchester with its famous Abbey

The River Thames runs past the base of Wittenham Clumps and below you can see Day Lock, the lakes over to the right are the old Dorchester Gavel pits no used for recreation

Right below is Little Wittenham Manor with the church over to the right in the Trees. The Manor is owned by Sir Martin Wood

A little further afield you can see Culham and the JET Project

Last of all  Didicot Power Station and some of the remaining parts of the old power satstion, the new part is in the centre

Photosphere picture I took

Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Thursday, 16 March 2017

RAF Harwell Station HQ

This was taken back in 2011 a little after the place became accessible to the public after being off limits because the UKAEA owned the site, this was RAF Harwell Station Headquartes the Location for the Station Commander's office and Admin Staff. At the moment the building is being restored 

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Bug Hotel

The Maharajah's Well

Sunday I showed a church featured in my Church Explorer Blog, it is in a Village Called Stoke Row, the village has a very unusual attraction a well which is called The Maharajah's Well here is te history of it from Wikipedia
"Edward Anderdon Reade, the local squire at Ipsden, had worked with the Maharajah of Benares in India in the mid nineteenth century. He had sunk a well in 1831 to aid the community in Azimgurgh. Reade left the area in 1860.
A couple of years later the Maharajah decided on an endowment in England. Recalling Mr Reade’s generosity in 1831 and also his stories of water deprivation in his home area of Ipsden[ the Maharajah commissioned the well at Stoke Row and it was sunk in 1863. The originally intended site for the well was Nuffield Common. All work was completed by the Wallingford firm of R. J. and H. Wilder."

The well sits a little way back in it's own little area with block paving leading to it

It looks very impressive when you see it
Nearby you can read the history about it

The makers of the well were Wilders Foundry was in Crowmarsh, sadly the foundry closed many years ago though I was fortunate enough to see it as my friends father worked there. Not a place I would want to work but gave employment to many in the local area 

The Indian Elephant over the well

The well was hand cranked and the original buckets are still there

The ever watching elephant

Couple of wide angle views of the well

Side view of the well

I'll leave you with this picture of Well Cottage, this belonged to the Well warden who used to unlock the well and maintain it. It is now a private dwelling
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday, 11 March 2017

St John the Evangalest Stoke Row

 This weeks offering from the Church Exporer is  St John the Evangalest Stoke Row follow the ling to read more

  Have a wonderful Sunday

Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Fort

The Iron age Hill Fort at Wittenham Clumps in South Oxfordshire back in February

Monday, 6 March 2017

The Beech Tree

A couple of weeks ago My wife & I wanted to go for a picnic as  we were lat ewe ended up going to a local beauty spot called Wittenham Clumps. We had out walk around then went back to the car for our picnic as it was cold. Nearby I noticed this stone with a commemoration plate on it and a carving of a rose.

It says "Wittenham Clups Carpark was Formally Opened by Mr A.W. Hedges on the 17th May 1971when he was presented with a Rose as a token peppercorn rent by Mr R Seymore Chairman of Berkshire County Council" the ceremony still goes on to this day when it is presented to the Earth Trust who look after the area. In 1974 the boundarys changed and the clumps are now in Oxfordshire

The rose carving

Around the side of the stone is another plaque commorating the planting of a tree

Which has grown well over the years.
Taking Part in Our World Tuesday

Saturday, 4 March 2017

The Church Explorer

The Church Explorer  features  a different church each week
 This weeks church is St Nicholas Fyfield

Last year I changed the name of my old Blog from My Grave Place to the Church Explorer this may have been a mistake as the number of hits I had went down, I also miss spelt the address so it reads the churchexporer  now it is too late to change. I have decided to feature a photo from ther Church Explorer on Spuds Daily in the hope it will get more hits and mabe a few more followers.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Lollingdon Hill

Found this photo of Lollingdon Hill, it was taken many years ago but I thought it worthy of Skywatch